Kyu Grading

Kyu Grading Kyu Grading was conducted on the 20th and 28th April 2024.  Grading marks a pivotal moment in the trainees’ journey of skill development, discipline, and personal growth. This day is not just about demonstrating technical proficiency but also about showcasing the dedication and commitment that each trainee has invested in their training. The […]

Children Kyu Grading November 2023

Kids Karate Class - The Karate Academy Singapore

Children Kyu Grading November 2023 Children Kyu Grading  was conducted on 4th and 5th November 2023, Saturday and Sunday. The children have been putting in their best efforts in preparing for the grading. Brushing up their kihon, memorizing their kata, focuing on details.  They were tested on their proficiency, discipline and focus. Their efforts paid […]

Children Kyu Grading Notice

Children Kyu Grading will be on the 27th May 2023 and 28th May 2023. Those who meet the criterias, register……


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